Current Research

I am currently engaged in writing a monograph on the esoteric in popular culture (and popular culture in the esoteric). Some of the things that will be included are: discussion on theoretical and methodological (as well as conceptual) implications for studying popular culture and the esoteric; the esoteric and comic books; the esoteric, science fiction, and transhumanism; the new wave of ritual/occult black metal; the esoteric in a comercialized neoliberal context; different reactions on the esoteric in popular culture; popular culture as a medium and inspiration for the esoteric.

I have for a long time done research for a book which aims at providing a broad overview of the contemporary Left-Hand Path milieu, and hope to have it finished in the not too distant future. The book will deal with, among other things, Dragon Rouge, the Temple of Set, the Church of Satan (and other forms of Satanism), the Rune-Gild, and ancillary phenomena and groups such as “the sinister tradition” (the Order of Nine Angles, the Misanthropic Lucifer Order/The Temple of the Black Light, ritual black metal, Chaos Magick etc.).

In 2012 I finished a book on the magic order of Dragon Rouge and and the study of contemporary esoteric magic. A contract has been signed and the book will be published in 2013 or 2014.

In addition I am working on an edited volume on sociology and the study of religion, media, and popular culture, several articles and book chapters dealing with contemporary esotericism, the esoteric and popular culture, theory and method in the study of esotericism, as well as playing with the idea of launching a book series on Contemporay Esotericism.